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Ah December, how crazy you are.

This is such a crazy month for me. Two Christmas cantatas, Christmas itself, My sister's birthday, my birthday, and even my semester finals are all this month.

But, I've made it through two of the aforementioned things, my sister's birthday was yesterday, and finals were earlier this week. Since yesterday was Rebekah's birthday, I went with her and her boyfriend's younger sister to the mall (I was their 'babysitter' to quote my mom). It wasn't a bad trip, but I felt bad for my sister, because she and her former best friend have been on the outs, and her friend had called her that morning to complain about how her boyfriend had dumped her.

Of course the real story is a lot longer than that, but the thing that made me feel bad was that Rebekah got a text while we were eating lunch, and the three of us got to talking about the situation, and I really think this girl is using my sister. The problem is that Rebekah, even though she agrees with me, still wants to be her friend, which I suppose is a good quality on her part, but I'm just worried about her. And it kinda pissed me  off that the girl would call Rebekah her friend and then totally disregard the fact that it was her birthday to complain about a bad situation that she had gotten herself into-- especially when Rebekah told her to stop going out with the same guy over and over if she didn't want to break up with him.

I don't know, maybe I'm being overprotective, or just crazy or something, but I worry about her.

And then today, we had our family birthday party, which was fine, but I think it's a bit ridiculous for us to have to have a party every year now, when neither of us really care about them. But if we didn't our aunts would be upset, and that would be bad and rather annoying. So yeah. On the plus side, I got toe-socks. XD. I love toe-socks.