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The Best Birthday Present EVER

So yesterday was the TSO concert. *squeals like a fangirl on crack*

It was GREAT! I wish I had pics, but I, being the scatterbrained girl I am, forgot the camera. That asides since our seats were in row U and the stadium only had through V, the pictures wouldn’t have been very good anyway. Especially since I ended up sitting in V anyway.

But anyhow the show was great! It started with a rendition of “Christmas Eve/Sarajevo (12/24)” before diving into the first CD – Christmas Eve and Other Stories, WITH the poetry/story between songs. When the narration started (and I finally figured out what it was, since the narration starts exactly like the beginning of “Old City Bar”) I literally squealed. And I don’t do that.

Speaking of “Old City Bar”- I have to say that was probably the most entertaining presentation of any of the songs. The guy who sang it came out in costume that made him look like a homeless man and really it’s hard to explain, but before singing (and he really could sing very very well) he just looked at the mic. Then he yelled “Freebird!” and of course that was met with a general consensus of wild laughter and screams. Then he sang, but the bit before the song was seriously entertaining.

The lights for the show were amazing and perfect. Really just…. *guh* I have no words. Perfection. Though I suppose if I was sensitive to strobe lights there might have been issues, but I’m not so there weren’t.

Then after they had done all but two songs from the first CD (They cut “A Star to Follow” and “The Silent Nutcracker”) the instrumentalists, vocalists, and narrator were all introduced, most with funny anecdotes, like one of the pianists’ was “not only beautiful, but like every diamond, she has one small flaw. She married him. *cue point to one of the guitarists*”. But that aside, when the introductions were nearly done, the guy giving the introductions (whose name I heard but promptly forgot) had everyone give a standing ovation for military personnel who can’t be at home for the holidays. I was touched and impressed by that.

After the introductions, there was more music (of course). That was all random songs, mostly from their other CDs, and for some reason “Flight of the Bumblebee”, but I think that one was to show off the electric violinists’ mad skillz. Which were indeed quite impressive. At the very end of the show, they did “Christmas Eve/Sarajevo(12/24)” again, and two of the guitarists went through the audience with floor seats and to a lift platform, which was great. But even better was after they got off the lift platform they went up into the lower level of the stands. It was great.

Seriously, I was/am a very very very happy and satisfied TSO fan.

The only bad things:

- Somebody stole two of our four seats, so I didn’t get to sit with my friends (I did however end up right behind them, since the people whose seats we had taken because those people wouldn’t move, had friends in a lower row and let us stay.)
- When they pyrotechnics were used I could smell the gunpowder and/or propane, which didn’t take away from the awesomeness of how it looked, but it did give me a bit of a headache.
- I couldn’t see faces (*is sad*)

Things I am still struck by/wondering about:
- I’m amazed that “Queen of the Winter Night” was not synthed. There’s a girl who actually does those bizarre scales/notes. *mind boggles*
- The fact that one of the guitarists (the pianist introduction one at that) had a dislocated knee and a torn ACL from a fall in an earlier show and that he didn’t miss a note then or a show later amazes me. Plus the story is kind of funny since it was an introduction story that started with “He forgot how old he really is and…”
- The guitar “face-off” and the Wish Liszt piano medley were great. I’m amazed at the skills of those people.
- I wanna know what ‘Fabio’ looks like. One of the guys was introduced and right after his name (which I don’t remember) the guy said “Yeah, I know, you’re all thinking Fabio, Fabio, Fabio.” But I couldn’t see faces.

All in all – I want to see them again next year. And get better seats that time. XD

PS. I wonder if their hair is really as nice as it looked from way up in my seat… I suppose that’s a weird thing to wonder but I do.



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Dec. 22nd, 2008 10:07 pm (UTC)
The Flight of the Bumblebee part is from "A Last Illusion" on Beethoven's Last Night. But they have an electric violin. Holy crap.

I wish my family could afford TSO ticket prices.
Dec. 22nd, 2008 10:18 pm (UTC)
Oh. See, that's the CD I don't have. I can't seem to find it in local stores. It's nice to know the Flight of the Bumblebee wasn't totally random.

And they have TWO electric violins. It's completely awesome.

See, I thought the tickets would be awful, but I got four for 121 dollars, so they weren't too bad for a three hour show I suppose.
Dec. 22nd, 2008 10:38 pm (UTC)
That much for peanut gallery seats??? D: There are five people in our family and we normally don't have that kind of money just hanging around to spend.
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